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You can make gifts that benefit the Yakima Rotary Trust today.

These gifts could include stocks, cash, bonds or properties. You might consider a gift to honor a birth, marriage, retirement or in memory of a loved one

You can make gifts that pay you income and may result in a tax deduction such as charitable gift annuities and charitable remainder trusts.

You can make gifts that benefit the Yakima Rotary Trust in the future such as bequests through your will, trust planning or retirement plan designations.

The choice of how to give is a personal one. Tax implications and giving objectives may be different for each of us. The Yakima Rotary Trust stands ready to assist you and your professional advisors. We would like to talk with you about your giving objectives and to discuss further how we can work together to meet your goals. Future gift planning is a powerful way to create a lasting legacy.

What is your Legacy?

Whether you choose to become a Rotary Trust Fellow or create a Legacy Gift we would like to talk to you more…

 “Giving to a cause you believe in can make an impact now and for generations to come.”