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Scholarship Application & Program Information

In December 2008, Mollie Davis passed away leaving an educational bequest of $20 million dollars to fund two and four-year scholarships to benefit residents of Yakima County.  The Yakima Rotary Trust was named the administrator of the scholarship program. The funds are managed by the Yakima Valley Community Foundation.

Mollie Davis Scholarship Application

The Mollie Davis Scholarship program awards up to $7,500 a year and up to $30,000 overall toward a Bachelor’s Degree. In addition, we award up to $3,500 a year toward an associate’s degree.

The application period begins 12/1 and closes 2/22 each year.

Qualifications & Supporting Documents

This amazing opportunity to be a recipient of the prestigious Yakima Rotary Trust Mollie Davis Scholarship can be yours.


Must Be:

  • U.S. Citizen

  • A Yakima County resident (May be away while attending college)

  • (a) high school senior or (b) high school graduate (c) GED certificate holder (d) currently enrolled college student

  • Enrolled in full-time undergraduate study at a two or four-year college/university for and pursuing a first associate’s or bachelor’s degree

Supporting documents needed for application

  • Student Aid Report (Results from FAFSA)

  • Proof of Citizenship

  • Proof of Residence in Yakima County

  • May need – High school transcript or copy of GED certificate

  • May need – College transcript

Mollie Davis Scholarship Application Scoring

  • Financial Need: 50%

  • Academics: 25%

  • Resume: 25% (Community Service, Extracurricular Activity and Employment)

  • Essay: (15%) in round two scoring