The Trust was founded in 1994 and is unique in that it supports local projects that will have a profound long-term impact on our Community. The Trust board is comprised of three Yakima Rotary clubs and projects are undertaken that fall within the core values of Rotary.  

The Mission of the Yakima Rotary Trust is to serve as a vehicle to receive memorials, bequests and gifts from Rotarians and non-Rotarians. These gifts will be used to enhance the quality of life for the citizens of the Yakima Area.

The goal of the Trust is to select or create projects that will have a long-term impact. Funds are used to directly support a qualifying project. Or, funds can be used as magnets to attract matching donations. For example, John Quick bequeathed $200,000 to Rotary. It was turned into a $1.2 million project via matching contributions. These funds purchased property in Southeast Yakima. The result: A new attractive area for recreation.

The Yakima Rotary Trust designed and has been administering the Mollie Davis Scholarship Program since its inception in 2010.  We have awarded millions of scholarships to hundreds of students. These renewable scholarships are open to any Yakima County residents planning to attend accredited two or four-year colleges or universities.