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Yakima Rotary Trust is happy
to share its proud history

1995 –

Yakima Rotary Charitable Foundation forms

2001 –

Yakima Rotary Charitable Foundation becomes Yakima Rotary Trust with all Yakima Rotary Clubs participating.

First Trust Board:

Bob Redman Greg Luring Bill Douglas
Deb Krautwurm Jim Berg Stan Martinkus
John Rothenbueler Jim Pinnell Jim Gibbons
Curtis King Hal Powell Hank Heffernan
Joe Falk Sonja Dodge Dave Rankin
Steve Pilger

The Trust has also received many generous gifts from Rotarians and community members. The first gifts included a visionary fund of $25,000, a bequest from the estate of Merritt Bloxom of $10,000, and a bequest from the estate of John Quick in the amount of $200,000. In 2011, the Trust was also the beneficiary of a be­quest from the estate of Bill and Faye Rounds of $825,000.

2008 –

In December 2008, Mollie Davis passed away leaving an educational bequest of $20 million dollars to fund two and four-year scholarships to benefit residents of Yakima County.  The Yakima Rotary Trust was named the administrator of these scholarships. The Yakima Valley Community Foundation manages the fund.

2010 –

The Yakima Rotary Trust went on to develop the scholarship program in Mollie’s vision. In 2010, the Yakima Rotary Trust awarded the first Mollie Davis Scholarships and has been administering the program since.

2011 –

In 2011, The first project undertaken by the Trust was a collaboration with the Kiwanis and Lions Trusts for the de­velopment of Kiwanis Park located in Southeast Yakima. Community benefactor Helen Jewett contributed $100,000 to each Trust, and the late Senator Alex Deccio in concert with the City of Yakima and the State of Washington obtained additional funding. When completed $217,000 in bequests to the Yakima Rotary Trust turned into a $5 million dollar project called the Gateway Sports Complex. The evolution of the park has been phenomenal. A playground, basketball court and picnic shelter were constructed in 2010 by the three Yakima Rotary clubs. In 2012, on adjoining land purchased by the Yakima Rotary Trust, three lighted fields for youth softball along with a full-service concession stand were added.